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Re: They no longer list a phone number and

RobertLaw wrote:

Having been in computers for over 30 years and involved with the internet from very early on, my recommendation to everyone is that they not store their only copy of images or any important file only in one place. Especially a place that you do not control. Even when you store them on a hard drive at home, they need to be stored on more than one drive or storage medium.

This is precisely why I'm not happy about what fotki have done. I understand the importance of having more than one copy. I have at least 2 copies of everything at home, but also wanted an off-site backup. I had one on fotki, which I'd paid for. They've now taken it away unless I pay again, which I won't be doing.

I'm currently trying to get a refund out of them so I can put the money towards yet another hard disk to lock in my desk at work instead.

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