Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

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Re: Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

agent888 wrote:

How do y'all feel about it? Or is this a case of "Take advantage of all tools at your disposal but don't become overly dependent."

I am one who never uses art filters or scene modes, usually always PASM and jpegs for me. But.....

Then later I do see some situations where playing with the image would be fun.

So next holiday or outing, I think I'll shoot only RAW, then at home use Olympus Viewer 2 to convert the lot to my usual jpegs (Natural with adjusts) but also then play with a select few by running them through the art filters. Or run a tiff through PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate with the extra filters from the Nik plugins. Flexibility is what it's all about.

Often that in-camera jpeg done with art filter only may later need a straight treatment - that is lost unless there's a RAW available.

As an aside I've been testing the practicability of RAW only. My netbook that usually goes with me on major trips can convert 68 RAWs per hour with Oly Viewer 2, my at-home i7 notebook does 68 in 7 minutes. Might be a case in future of taking too many SDHC cards, shoot only RAW and bring the lot home to convert to jpegs. Just like film days but at least a bunch of cards is way lighter to carry than a bag of maybe 50 to 100 film canisters.

Regards....... Guy

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