Aperture 3.3 available via software update

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Re: Edit: Here is the list of improvements

gr8ful wrote:

Ol1Shot wrote:

One more big thing - You must be running OS-X 10.7.4. So if you want the upgrade they are forcing you out of Snow Leopard. Think I will wait for Aperture 4 and 10.8.

That requirement is a HUGE disappointment!! None of my Macs will go past Snow Leopard. Not because they can't, but because I don't want iOS on my Macs! I tried out Lion for about 30 minutes and reverted back to Snow Leopard. Another case where Apple has made the decision for me. LR4!!!! I had already moved away from Aperture except for books anyway.

If you really think you can make an objective and relevant judgement after 30 min of use, good for you.

I ran the the semi-public beta of Lion on a test system for months. I was critical of several aspects and fought heavy battles on the internal discussion forum. Guess what, after switching to it full time, I quickly forgot about all of these.

Among the things I disliked were Launchpad (I went as far as deleting its GUI wrapper from my Mac) but then I only see it quickly when installing a new app via the App Store. I disliked the grouping by applications in All-Windows-Expose, but you get used to it quickly and see that it is better in some situations. I disliked the two-pane-only layout of Address Book (and I can tell you the three pane layout comes back in Mountain Lion) but this is such a small issue that you quickly get used to it. I disliked the UI of iCal and switched to Fantastical (which still uses the iCal database thus syncs with everything via iCloud).

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