Lightroom 4 corrupting RAW files / 'Unexpected end-of-file' error'

Started Jun 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why does no-one else here have the problem then?

That's not correct many others have had problems with LR corrupting files (check internet pls), and in this forum, in this same thread as well, please read the other 2 people who had same problem. Now I can only think there is an overstressing by LR of the hardware which in my opinion in this case is mainly the hard-disk. The memory works just fine, he never got any problem editing the picture (where memory is far more important than when writing to file).

Also his hardware may be perfectly valid, it's just LR asking too much from it. I think LR will on the long term destroy your hard-drive because it has to keep such a huge database of files and it has to continually read and write on the disk. This is more evident in import and export operations and with big sized files. The only question I would have asked the OP would be how long have you been using LR on that disk?

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