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Re: I hope

ryanshoots wrote:

you just spat that out without reading ANY of the replies to this thread, otherwise it speaks ill of your comprehension skills.

Your Henry's analogy is completely different from what the OP's situation is.

Oh, I comprehend what's going on just fine. Either Fuji will fix it like they should or they won't. In which case the OP can choose his own course of action. As for this "grey market" thing? Where did these, so called, grey market cameras come from? Are they manufacture in some tiny little stinky, dirty shop in Pakistan? No, they are a Fuji made camera pooped out in a Fuji plant. Fuji already made their cut(money) on the darn thing. These companies cry foul about grey market all the time, but they're still selling a product and they don't have to cover it. I really don't think they mind the grey market thing as much as you think. It's all about selling as much as they can, any way they can. I'm sure dealers might not like grey market cameras, but camera companies are out to sell as many cameras as possible. If it's faulty and it's my fault, I fix it. Yes, I have had to do this several times. Why? Because it's the right thing to do and I sleep very well at night by doing just that. Just my Henry's analogy of course, but that's my middle name so it fits. When my S2 PRO dies I'll decide what to replace it with. Might be a little Fuji and it might not. I'll ease out of this and let the folks here decide wheter Fuji is right or wrong.

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