Replicating Headshot Lighting + Background

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Re: Replicating Headshot Lighting + Background

jacktorrance wrote:

Hi All,

I have been shooting event and architectural photography for a while now with a lot of repeat work from a particular client.

They have approached me with a request to provide a series of management headshots intended to sit alongside an existing set that was shot some years ago and which I have attached below.

Hi Nick,

If I wrote the opposite of what you wrote, that I shoot a lot of portraits and sports and one of my clients wanted me to do some professional level architectural photography, what would you advise? In other words, why would you think that portraiture is so easy? That, and the portrait posted as an example is a very poor example of professional portraiture.

This is the first opportunity I will have had to create studio-type headshots - I have no experience in this particular field.

Big red flag. Portraiture is really pretty difficult.

I wonder if someone could help with the following questions:

  • How might I best go about achieving a background with the exact same colour as that used in the existing set of images? Should this be a PP exercise?

Just get a light grey or white paper and gel it and get the color close. Match the colors in post.

  • Is it generally possible for one to set up a temporary studio by hiring/purchasing the background screen, lighting stands etc...and transporting them to the location? Is this generally a one-man task?

Yes and Yes.

  • I would be aiming to achieve the same lighting and anticipate that three speedlites; one for fill, one for off camera to the left and one for background should be adequate but would welcome any suggestions.

No, use a softbox and light it properly.
Personally, I would just offer to re-shoot the whole team (properly).

Appreciate any advice.


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