Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

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Bob Tullis
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agent888 wrote:

So I took the OM-D out last weekend and snapped some pictures. The one below that I took, I used the Art Filter "Dramatic Tones" I think it is called. I really really liked the results, but I somewhat feel guilty about it. I want to be able to produce this sort of work on my own eventually with post processing and what not, I don't want to use art filters as a crutch.

How do y'all feel about it? Or is this a case of "Take advantage of all tools at your disposal but don't become overly dependent."

Guess I'm afraid to be labeled as one of those people that add a lens flare and sepia and then call myself an artist.

If that's your fear, you likely won't let that happen. Investigating different toolsets, features, in-camera and developing filters is part of getting a good sense of what is useful to one's objectives. Understanding what one's ultimate objectives can be the harder task.

So, experiment with whatever you can. You might want to get a good third party book for the editor you use, however. That will help you plunge the depths of what's possible without in-camera or post-editing filters. Mainly, use what works for you while you develop your own skill set. If a filter gives you what you want, great. When you have to settle for what it can do for you, that's when you'd want to lay your own hands on the exposure.

This isn't unbelievable, not as some scenes can take to that filter. It's quite nice, actually.

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