Lightroom DPI Questions

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Re: Lightroom DPI Questions

the dpi is a custom value by definition, it's your choice!! when you display on the screen it doesnt matter because the screen uses the same unit as your image is digitized in, that is the pixels. So throw in 72, or 180, or 200 as you like. However I suggest you to enter the same value you would use for printing.

Now what is dpi (resolution) for printing, it means dots per inches, that is the number of pixels per each inch of paper that the printer has to use to print your image, in simple terms it tells the printer how big on the paper your image must be.

Now every modern printer is capable of a given maximum resolution, but that does not mean you have to write in that resolution to satisfy the pritner request.

You just write in the resolution that by a simple division will give you the size you want to print the picture at.

Example you have a 3000x3000 pixels image. If you set a 300 dpi resolution you're telling your printer or the lab 's printer that you want it printed at 10 inch by 10 inch.

Now it's true that if you want a high quality print, pleasant to the eye you have to choose at least 300 dpi because that is the density which will be right for your eye when you see the printed picture.

But in theory you can choose any cvalue of dpi, that will change the size of the printed picture accordingly. So the minimum dpi request is only to get high quality prints.

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