Very BAD news today for D800 and the AF issue

Started Jun 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Mike Worley
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Yeah, don't we need to know . . .

. . . whether the subject was in focus under the focus points? I’ve assumed that was everyone’s complaint, i.e. that the camera did not focus on the part of the subject under the left focus points.

Tapes instead framed the issue as “the Nikon D800 auto-focus not being consistent from 1 focus point to another,” whatever that means.

But all he showed us was that the focus plane shifted as he moved through the various left focus points. We didn’t see how the camera focused on the points it was supposed t be focused on.

As has been pointed out, not all lenses have a nice, flat focal plane. His certainly didn’t appear to. For all I know, 50mm f/1.4 lenses have concededly curved fields of focus.

I just ordered a LensAlign (rental, not purchase), and now I realize that it’s also based on the premise of a flat focal plane. You focus on one point, then check the clarity of a point off to the right of that point on a DOF Ruler.

Maybe I should just stick to brick walls. Problem there, however, is making the sensor parallel to the wall. Well, Leica has a $500 solution to that problem. A precisely calibrated (one hopes) LED distance meter. Just focus on the place on the wall where the meter says the wall is closest to the camera. Art photographers use them.


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