Side by Side video, D800 vs OMD - Very good comparison

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Adventsam wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

JoeVC wrote:

My impressions after watching the first video:
The D800 seemed to over expose the highlights more than the Olympus.

IBIS on the Olympus was dramatically better than the D800's shakey camera work. Here I'm assuming the video was shot with both cameras mounted side-by-side on the tripod rig as shown at the beginning and ending. I'm also assuming the tripod's locking controls were loose, guided by hand, resulting in camera shake on the D800 image.

The wider DOF of the Olympus worked in favor of many of the close-up flower shots such that, while the background was still defocussed, the primary subject of the flower blossoms were better focused.

I liked the way colors were rendered on the Olympus better than the Nikon. Reds weren't as muddy, the blue sky had better saturation, less washed out.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Olympus video quality. Better than I would have expected against the Nikon.


  • People tend to like a bit more saturated colors, that is what we see on the videos on this matter, we also don't know what settings on color have been used, maybe one in standard and other in vivid colors, the wider DOF gives the illusion to have more detail, but it is not the truth. Anyway today even a compact camera delivers decent and good video

Not really, compact cameras tend to deliver deep dof that is in the main uninteresting, hence shallow dof mania from 5D/APS-C etc. IMO, m43 is the perfect balance for dof as much shallow dof is way over done. The benefit of the gh2 is, perfect 1:1 mapping in etc mode as well as reduced moirie and aliasing and a touch more depth but not too shallow. Its hard for much to compete! the hack is the final part of the cake! personally am usining sanity 4 for 40mb 1080/720 files that quite honestly are as good as much broadcast stuff.

Yes the GH2 is strong in video, and hacked a wonder, now I want to see what the GH3 have on improvements, the the GH cameras have full digital sensors, that is the advantage (and some other things)

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