Lightroom 4 corrupting RAW files / 'Unexpected end-of-file' error'

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Re: Have you checked

Quoth wrote:

the Ram.
CPU temp.

I am waiting now when you'll suggest to put one hand on the screen and one on the wall, turn 90 degrees to the left, maybe he should check this too, it could be the cause..

it's ridiculously obvious LR has to do with the problem, now if there is also some "other" causes, yes possible, but it's the interaction with LR that triggers it. I am a logical person, and I also trust much more the original poster's attitude than the ones of others who posted on this thread.

And even if it was just a hard disk problem or other (I dont think ram is even possible given the description of problem), LR is still very responsible to overcharge the hard-disk / the O.S. or whatever hardware interested in the process.

LR should adapt to the machine, not the other way around, unless adobe strats in the business of O.S. in that case he can invent the ideal O.S. for running its monstrous software.

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