The E-M5 cannot replace a DSLR.

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I expect it that much...

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Focusing was a disaster when it came to the fast moving airplanes. I want my 50-200/EC14 back.

... I know you had years of experience, Jeff. But having bought a two year old camera with an EVF, I expect it would not be able to compete in response to an OVF one.

I still have 2 pictures of the undersides of the Blue Angel F-18's as they flew overhead, taken with an E-520 and 70-300 from the Labour Day airshow 2009, the last time they visited Toronto. They were taken at 300mm and the F-18's were flying so low that the length of one plane would not fit the picture frame. Since E520 shoots at 3 fps they must have passed in less than 1 second as there is only one picture in which it was exactly overhead. The other is slightly at an angle of approach.

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