K5 Back Focus issue solved

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Re: K5 Back Focus issue solved

muratscott wrote:

Hi Sentro,you've given me a nice idea to correct the focusing issue of my Tamron 17-50mm...The given limits of my Pentax K-5 's -10, +10 limits for focus correction is just not enough to cure my problem,so I have to give your prescription a try...

Thanks for the detailed step by step explanation...But I have a question : When you set the value to +120um under AF Test menu does it make a correction for all of your lenses or did you just mount your Sigma 180mm F3.5 lens on the camera and do the adjustments so that the camera would remember the sigma lens and and just correct the focus shift via the given parameter ( +120um).... Or do we have to able and disable debug mode each time we mount that particularly affected lens so that the focus correction of other lenses wont be disturbed? Because all of my other lenses focus perfectly on my K-5...I hope I could clear out my question in spite of my forgotten English.Thanks....

When I set mine I had the 180mm lens on however, this is a global setting. After you set this value you can then adjust each lens individually thru the AF Fine settings in the menu. The global value it just gives the camera some extra latitude for adjustment. So, now, when you give the camera a +10um that will be added to the global +120 value for a total of 130...I believe. It does seem to work fine for all my lenses so i will leave it to that.

I wish I knew what the other values are good for but I prefer not to mees with it.

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