Ready to switch back!

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Re: Ready to switch back!

I don't want to offend the poster of the pics in this thread, but I think theyre out of focus and not very convincing an argument.

No offence taken, the pictures are there to give some idea of what to expect from the camera under difficult lighting conditions. It's up to you to decide whether you like the quality (I am not sure why I should care what camera you use). One thing I forgot to mention is that apart from the first pic (which represents more typical stage lighting conditions) all the shots were shot with manual focus - the last thing I wanted to do was blast the acrobats in the face with a focus beam.

At the risk of being pedantic I would say that the focus isn't so much the problem as the shutter speed and the depth of field, it was my second gig with the SD1 next time I will be bringing a tripod and I will try at least a few shots at iso 1600.

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