Lightroom DPI Questions

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Re: Lightroom DPI Questions

Doublehelix wrote:

You say "Don't even waste your time changing the number", but there is no number in the field, and it requires one, so I have to enter something here. This is where I am confused.

Just to clarify what dj_paige said - you do have to supply a number because the file format requires it, but in most circumstances it has no effect. At most, some programs will use it when printing to set the size of the initial image in a print layout but you can usually resize the image as you wish.

Coincidentally, I read in Jeff Revell's "Photoshop Lightroom" this morning his statement that most modern printers do a good job of resizing the image for printing. (Perhaps that is because the printer driver knows more about the physical characteristics of the printer than Lightroom does.) Consequently he recommends un-ticking the "Print Resolution" box in the Print Job panel when printing with Lightroom. Of course your printer might be the exception to the rule, so an experiment might be worthwhile.

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