Samyang 7.5mm fisheye experiences?

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Re: Thanks, and I got it too...

thomash2 wrote:

If you're interested, you could start taking spherical panoramic photos with your rokinon/samyang lens

Hi Thomas

This is exactly what interests me. I do VR panos commercially. Currently using a D700/16 AIS although I also have a DX system with the 10.5 lens. The latter lens is actually superior to the 16mm version particularly where flare's concerned. This is one of the biggest problems doing interior panos (usually HDR if there is time) since at some point, particularly in summer, there's always a bright light source. You can't often pick the weather or time of day best suited.

So, my question is, what's the lens like as regards flare (both kinds). The 16mm AIS is worse than the 10.5 and the Zenith 15mm, which I also have, much worse than both, to the point of being unusable for this purpose - although on FF at F8-16 it's just about acceptable for regular use if you keep bright light off it.

I use an NN3 (not necessarily a recommendation) however it looks like you have a dedicated head for this lens however not one that you can do full 360x180s with. What is it?

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