Sony Revamped Screen Protector

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Re: Protector not made by Sony !

wll wrote:

Jinxt wrote:

Thought I'd make you aware that Sony has released a new Semi Hard LCD Protector for the Sony A-35, NEX-7, 5N, & C3.

What makes this so much better than their old version is that it no longer has those two small gaps at the bottom that allow air/dust/debris to float between the screen and the protector. It's completely sealed. I was stupid enough to purchase right away from a seller in Japan for $25 each, but now that I checked amazon, they're about $8.


This is not a Sony manufactured product, it is a LCD protector made to fit a Sony.


Thanks wll, you are right. After closer inspection, what I linked was a copy. I was over-hasty in my linking because of the great deal. What I should've linked was

This is the actual PCK-LM1EA (revamp) by Sony and retails from amazon at $19.95

Thanks for the catch all. I do actually have the official Sony one in hand.

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