Samyang 14mm

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Re: Samyang 14mm

Exactly the opposite of most reviews...

By the way, if you read reviews of the most recent version (not the first one) it surpasses everything at this focal length !

It is far superior to Nikon 14 mm and slightly superior to Nikon legendary 14-24 (less coma on the edges, less prone to flare, as sharp,lighter but worse distortion).

Although I could afford the Nikon 14-24, I opted for the combo Nikon 16-35 f/4 VR + Samyang 14 f/2.8 (Rokinon) and it is the best of both worlds. I did try the Nikon 14-24 before making my decision but for my usage (landscape, night photo) the combo is much better as I can use my series of Singh-Ray grad and full ND filtrrs, I have VR which is very helpful when inside buildings, I have longer reach up to 35 mm and I still have extrawide when needed without worrying about front element when in crowds or forested area.

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