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Sante Patate wrote:

Deorum wrote:

When there is a public event, such as a track n field final championship, and there is full press coverage, there is no such thing as "privacy" for the contesters or the athetes.

And you dont need signature from every single athlete when then organization has granted you access to the stadium for taking pictures. This covers pretty much everything.

The idea that the organisation can unilaterally grant the right to invade contestants' privacy is nonsense.

Yes the dont grant the right to invade the contestants privacy, because there is no privacy in the first place.

The right of Privacy refers to your home/family/health/finances etc. Not when you are in a public place and a even more in public event. You could ask for maybe privacy, when you are in a public place, but in a private event (ie. funeral/wedding etc).

Would you ask privace where you take part in a parade????

Dont look at me or dont take photos at me while i am at a parade? No, because a parade's purpose is to be exposed to public. So is a stadium's purpose and a sports event.

And everybody concents just by taking part to the event. The concent (sorry for my terminology) can be written, spoken or just be ... not objecting. (there is a greek term that is like "silently accepting the terms" Σιωπηρή αποδοχή.

Anyway, the fact is that if I am mistaken, then along with me 99.9999% (i would say 100%) of the athletic events covered in Greece for the past 20-30years are illegal. Or maybe I would say in europe???

Privacies laws are very very weird when to interprete, but there is common sense in the end.
In my circles, nobody had ever any legal problem from similar cases.
There is also the right for press coverage/journalism.

There are a lot of rights that one contradicts the other, if taken to an extreme.

Greece is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, and the European Court of Justice has given the right to privacy a very wide interpretation. Consistent with the Convention, in several EU countries, such as France, it is a criminal offence to publish photographs of people in public without their consent. I neither know nor care whether Greek law is the same - you evidently don't, so why should I?

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