Nex 7: Street photography attempt

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Re: I wrote "thanks for your comments and suggestions": I can't do more tha

sean lancaster wrote:

Akebono wrote:

I am glad for taking photos. I am glad for my camera. I post pictures in Dpreview for comments and hopefully to inspire someone somewhere in cyberspace. I do not engage in discussions: you are already dragging conclusions that I want to " redirect the conversation into something else". Now that is unfortunate.

You provided us only photos and a label of, "Nex 7: Street photography attempt." I apologize for believing that you wanted to discuss the images you posted like most of the photos that get posted here.

Sean: the original post did not ask for comments or suggestions. As you pointed out, there were no technical details to serve as reference for more detailed constructive comments. Once they were made, he did express gratitude for the comments. I suppose the lesson here is that if someone posts photos without technical details and without asking for comments or suggestions, then one probably shouldn't make any??

Still posting in a forum like this implies an invitation to discussion, or so I thought.

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