Heavy duty backgdrop support

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Pictures speak a thousand words. Can you share some?

What part of the backdrop system bent?
Was it a horizontal bar?
Was it the special adapter to hold the second backdrop?
Was it one of the end stands?
Was it a part(leg or leg brace) of the stand?

Did the cheap product specify what it was capable of supporting, and did you exceed it's stated load limit? Maybe it was intended for lighter weight ?9x9? fabric backdrops and not for full rolls of heavy paper.

Do you really need to have both backdrops mounted all the time if you'll only occasionally use them... could you leave one unmounted?


A 10' piece of rigid conduit works fine for some studio setups. I have 3 across one shooting space so I can easily slide a backdrop to the side revealing the next backdrop.

I have a wood 1x3 frame stuck together with drywall screws supporting each end and suspended from the celing...no backdrop stand taking up floor space.

I also have an old collapsible backdrop stand I use on location.

I've also used a pair of lightstands with an extension (painter's pole) as a cross bar.

Photography includes plenty of problem solving opportunities. Hope you get your cheap backdrop stand situation figured out.

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