Yup also AF problems once i got testing extensively D800 and D800E

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
jonstatt Regular Member • Posts: 418
Wrong test - Compare liveview vs AF on better target

You are trying to illustrate that the focus point is not within the DOF and it does look that way. But what would be a lot better would be to use a solid AF target with plenty of contrast and shoot exactly the same picture with AF and Liveview. If it then demonstrates a clear improvement with Liveview then it does start to look like an AF issue with the camera.

But I think its very important to understand that AF perfection does not exist and the extra resolution of the D800 compounds any slight differences. However there are a number of D800s out there with distinct and profound focus errors that are much much larger.

Do post the LV vs AF comparisons

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