Bumble bee mating madness ??!!!

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Re: Thats twice now :-))

weavster wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

The Bumble bees playing leapfrog again

Man thats twice now !!. Amazing behaviour shots and after so many years of macro, I've still never seen it. Very well taken at this ratio BTW, excellent work. I was going to say it could be parasites on that leg, a lot of bugs get them clinging on, but this does not quite look like it (could be wrong and it might be), it looks more like a growth of some sort. Remembering that bumbles carry pollen on their legs and something might have infected it.

Anyway, I'm in awe and loving it.

Thank you!, I too thought the lumps on the leg were parasitic in nature so was relieved when an expert told me they were pollen sacks.
I'm just lucky to have a " mating circuit" in my back yard.

Fascinating mate, very, very interesting. Been checking a few of my bumble shots on the back leg, nothing like this on them, however on a honey bee there is certainly a ton of pollen in exactly the same place as your bumble bee. Wonderful to see.

All the best Paul and fine behaviour shooting. Loving it and keep them coming

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Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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