Ready to switch back!

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Re: Ready to switch back!

Sigma Nick wrote:

Seriously thinking of switching to...

Sigma SD1M w/grip
30mm f/1.4 DG EX HSM
85mm f/1.4 DG EX HSM
150mm f/2.8 DG EX OS HSM
EF 610 DG ST Flash

if you are doing a lot of theater/gig work I would look at the 20mm prime or the 10-20mm if you can get to the side of the stage you can get good stage+audience shots and a lot of bands/actors really like these.

As a guide I the 50mm works best from the front row to about the second row of the audience. With the 70mm I can usually work at about 8 rows or just behind the dancefloor/moshpit at a concert (the 85 would probably be a better choice and about the same). with a 150mm or a 180mm I could probably work from the back row but a tripod would be absolutely essential (although the new 180mm with image stabilisation might be another story).

My ideal lens lineup for gigging would be
10-20 f3.5 or 20mm f1.8
50mm f1.4
85mm f1.4
180mm f2.8 is

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