Od lens still working?

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Re: Od lens still working?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

realsand wrote:

OK, thank's for your comments! I was able to verify the AF yserterday - it works!
I plan to sell the lens, so I want to make sure it still works.
But how can I test the aperture blades?

Set the camera to Av mode and choose a smallish aperture - say f/11. Look into the lens from the front and press the button on the lower right of the body next to the lens mount (as you're looking at it from the front). That's the depth of field preview button, which will close the aperture to the selected value. You should see the diaphragm blades closing. If not, try again with a known good lens. If the good lens doesn't work it may be that a custom setting has been set on the body you've borrowed - check with the owner of the body.

Another simple check is to take a few shots in Av mode at f/11 and see whether they are exposed correctly. A sticking diaphragm would give overexposed images, often inconsistently.

Thank you all for your help. I just have an old analog Canon so I don't have the preview button. But since the AF works, I will trust the rest does too.

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