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Re: HDR Landscape

Love the colours, and great to see a HDR look 'natural' rather than over-the-top.

If I was to suggest anything, it would be that the boat in the foreground could have been included completely. Every element that you include in the frame adds or detracts to the meaning of the image, and because it is so prominent at the front you are saying to the viewer 'look at this'. However, it is truncated, and this makes it it seem that it is unimportant to you and an accidental inclusion.

(If you want to see the master of how elements can be balanced in a frame, look at the 'street' work of Henri Cartier Bresson.)

Cropping to a panorama in not so successful in my opinion because you lose too much information in the foreground. Omitting the boat loses the narrative potential and the image then becomes a simple sunrise. A good sunrise, certainly, but with no 'story' that helps a viewer remember a photograph. (If you looked at 10 equally beautiful sunrise photos, and only one of them had a boat in the foreground, which one are you most likely to remember six months later?)

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