Canon 60D versus 3ti

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Re: Canon 60D versus 3ti

I just bought a 60d today out of proceeds from selling my motorcycle. I had actually made up my mind before I sold it that I would get the 60d.. Then came the June 8th announcement of the T4i.

The main reason I wanted the 60d was that it came as a kit with the 18-200 lens. I really wanted this lens as its a great all in one. As well, I take alot of sports photos and wanted the burst rate + buffer.

The T4i has most of the features of the 60d. It shoots almost as fast but not continuously as the buffer is smaller. It has the 9 cross types, etc. Also has a few new features such as HDR, probably slightly better low light performance, AF during video just to name a few.

The built in HDR doesn't bother me as I haven't seen a decent built in HDR feature yet. So I will still use software for that feature.

I've been constantly thinking of my options since last Friday. Buy the 60d, buy the T4i or wait for the 70d....

The T4i will be 1199 with the 18-135mm lens. The 60d is 1299 with the 18-200. So for an extra 100$ I get most of the same features and the lens I wanted. In the end the lens sealed the deal for me. If I had only wanted the 18-135 I would have waited for the T4i.

I just got the camera today, took it to my son's soccer game and fired off a few shots. I have to say I love the feel of the camera, the burst is great and am loving the 18-200 lens. Also tried it with my 55-250 for a bit. I have 2 weeks to decide if i'm going to keep it (return policy) and if not I will bring it back for the T4i. As of right now tho, I think i'm keeping it.

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