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Re: Ready to switch back!

I have used the SD14 quite a bit and the SD1m a little for shooting events/theatre.You do need fast glass, I use the 70mm f2.8 and the 50mm f1.4. With the SD14 If the lighting was good enough to get away with iso400 then I could safely produce sellable pictures (some noise in the digital files but great looking 12x18" prints). At ISO 800 I would get some good shots but I would have to shoot more than I otherwise would to guarentee that there were some keepers. With the SD1m I shoot with Auto ISO which seems to be working quite well for me (iso 800 seems to be roughly the same quality as iso 400 on the sd14). One thing I have noticed is that in a stage lighting environment I get better results if I underexpose by 1 to 2 stops using the matrix metering mode. I found that I got the best results by putting SPP into natural mode.

The last show I did was conciderably darker than what I am used to and I was able to get usable results from the SD1m.

This shot has an overhead spot and when that was on getting good shots is pretty easy. This was a little bit darker than I am used to for say photographing bands.

This lighting was more or less typical for the show, the overheads were turned off and the lights had to be carefully angled to not be distracting for the acrobats.

Under these conditions I would definately benefit from a faster shutter speed I would have liked to see how this shot would have compared at iso 1600, also wish I had the camera pointing slightly higher.

This is where things start to get really challenging not that much difference in the camera settings between having the lenscap on and off here. again if I shot this again I would like to see what I was getting at ISO 1600.

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