Fun(gus) with EM-5 and first thoughts (NB: 2 LN jpegs)

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Fun(gus) with EM-5 and first thoughts (NB: 2 LN jpegs)

Hi all,

Like alot of others I have finally recieved my black version with the 12-50 lens. I've always loved macro but have never had the spare cash to get a 50mm f2, which I'm sure would blow this lens out of the water, but I have to say I'm pretty surprised at the performance of the combo none the less.

SOOC JPEG Large normal, Natural, Sharpness -1, f6.0 1/1250th, IS 1

100% crop

I haven't had a chance to go out for a proper day with the camera yet, which I am dying to do since I have had the camera for 5 days now, and have poured through the camera and menus to oblivion, but even just heading out into the front yard and taking a few shots, I get the feeling I'm really going to like this thing!

A few observations I have had in regards to handling -

Cramped operation -

If you are a left eye shooter the dials feel cramped, BUT, I suggest you give right eye shooting a go, as it completely changes the feel of the camera.

I questioned whether I was really left eye dominant, or whether it was just the fact the when shooting with my left eye, I could keep my right eye open and not have any distractions due having the camera covering it's field of view. It took me all of 2 minutes to get used to right eye shooting with while shutting my left eye, and to be honest I think that every camera would be preferable to use with right eye shooting. As for the EM5, no more squishing your face against the camera, no more poking your right eye out trying to change aperture, and since your right hand is able to take up slightly more of the back of the camera where your face used to be and able to be angled backwards slightly more , the buttons fall easier to hand and the problem of the fn1 being difficult to press is all but gone.

Squishy buttons

I was a bit apprehensive about the button feel at first, and felt like I needed to push them with my fingernails (namely the OK button) so I had enough clearance not to activate other buttons, but the 4 way buttons are shaped in such a way that you are able to use a normal thumb press and not activate other buttons. Yes they are squishy, but as long as you give them a full press they will always work, and the plus side of the squishiness is they are difficult to activate accidently, so you can comfortably rest your thumb on the ok button ready for use.


This was my second biggest reservation as my desire to buy my original SLR was based around my fond memories of the connection felt to the subject when using my parents' Minolta SLR as a child. I think it's a bit of swings and roundabouts between EVF and OVF, and while there really is nothing like a nice large OVF, this EVF has alot going for it. I have it on slow refresh rate and the frame rate is fine enough for me to forget that I am looking at an EVF, while taking the shot, to the point where sometimes when looking through it and the preview coming up (after taking my finger off the shutter) I am confused momentarily by the still image in the viewfinder. The other great thing about the evf is even in dark scenes you can see quite comfortably through the EVF, and you also have an immediate idea of exposure. The other great thing is being able to bring up the SCP in the viewfinder, it's great not having to take the camera away from your face to change settings. I haven't had much experience with the manual focusing yet, but my first impression is that it requires a magnified view to get it accurate, but I'm sure with practise I may find a way where I dont need magnified view. Others have found a couple of the art filters help greatly with accurate focus.


My biggest reservation with moving to MFT. with the 12-50, low light performance isn't that spectacular, but that is fair enough given the lack of light reaching the sensor. With good light and contrast, it may be a hair behind the quickest phase detect, but for my uses is is near enough not to matter. I cant speak for the performance for fast moving subjects etc.

I have set my camera up so for with 2 main "mysets" which I use as the custom resets operate on E620, E30 etc. I find allocation of a button and temporary activation pointless. One minor annoyance is that bracketing cannot be assigned to a button or reached through the SCP, but I haven't up until now at least used bracketing much anyway. The Menus are typical Oly, but once you know your way around them and set up a couple of custom resets, you rarely need to delve into them.

So as you can guess I am quite taken by this camera, the feel of it is just superb, the flip up screen is great as you dont have to do the 180deg swing as with the e620. Once I decided to be a bit flexible and experiment with my interaction with the camera, alot of the issues have just gone away.

For those of you still waiting, hang in there, you're in for a treat when you finally get it.

Olympus E-3 Olympus E-620 (EVOLT E-620)
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