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Sense of Entitlement

dnercesian wrote:

Yeah, your interpretation of what I said is way off.

No, it's not. You said warranties shouldn't cover grey-market cameras. The argument here is about a grey-market camera (also bought second or third or fourth hand). This would be a warranty repair because there has been no recall or official service bulletin by Fuji. However, Fuji is already repairing this issue outside of warranty with the condition to have a valid proof of purchase. This proves several things, like when the camera was purchased and where, and that it isn't grey-market.

...The issue here is a widely known manufacturing flaw that plagued batches of product that were shipped out by Fuji. That is different and there is no contradiction.

"Widely known" means nothing in the age of the internet. A bunch of gear heads on forums shouting about the issue doesn't make it "widely known", just widely known here. How many people buy cameras and never go on forums at all? What percentage of people have been plagued with the dreaded SAB? No one knows, and internet forum complainers don't necessarily equal anything worth measuring. NO ONE but Fuji knows just how wide-spread the issue is, what serial number ranges it effects (if it's in a specific range), and what percentage of people have sent in their camera for repair vs. how many bought the camera.

Put another way, people who complain on a forum system always make it seem like there are more of them then there actually are. That's not exclusive to Fuji, or even to cameras. There is truly just no way to know how wide-spread the issue really is.

If the camera was in its country of origin, with a small piece of paper saved somewhere with its original purchase details, then Fuji would fix it. Cross a border and lose a piece of paper, and they won't. You can decide if that does not feel petty to you, but it won't stop the manufactured from having to wear the scarlet letter of that decision.

IMO it's not a scarlet letter. Canon and Nikon won't fix grey-market cameras either... from what I hear from Nikon owners, not even for any price... they won't touch them period. With the Fuji x100, if you buy with a valid warranty, you'll be taken care of. You buy from an authorized source, you'll be taken care of. You buy used from someone willing to give you original proof of purchase, you'll be taken care of. You'll even be taken care of outside the warranty period, as long as you can provide proof of purchase.

But buy grey-market and used and with no valid receipt and guess what? No cookie for you. And why should you even be entitled to it? If the buyer does everything possible to save as much money as possible by buying used grey-market goods there's a risk in doing so. Guess what? Risk sometimes turns to reality. This sense of entitlement that Fuji should somehow fix the results of bad decision-making on the buyer's part is pretty delusional. A buyer that was never Fuji's customer as all. A person who invalidated their own warranty by buying grey-market. Could even be a person who stole the camera for all anyone knows.

If that camera had stayed in the country of it's origin, the SAB problem would STILL EXIST and Fuji would need to fix it...

But it didn't stay in the country of origin... and there's no way to know what handling, shipping, usage, parting the camera out, using third-party plugs or batteries, being stored in less than ideal conditions in damp warehouses, etc. etc. did to the camera. This is part of why grey-market cameras cannot be covered.

Not to mention that encouraging people to buy grey-market goods by treating them the same as legitimate customers is a great way for businesses to go under. Hence the reason companies like Nikon won't even look at a grey-market camera for repair.

Get all emotional about your brand if you want, but realize that it is still BAD PR, and BAD BUSINESS. There are a certain amount of X100's out there that will have SAB. But if you take that number into consideration against the number of products Fuji hopes to sell over the next 5 years, you'll see that the bad reputation a company can get over this sort of thing is just not worth it.

I'm sure they have weighed that. Most companies do. Trying to please the unreasonable camera owner (who was never even their customer actually), isn't something they need to worry about. They are fixing MOST sticky-aperture issues for people, even out of warranty... and that's a fact. They are updating firmware regularly. Their service department is actually easy to get in touch with and their repair people are easy to deal with.

It has nothing to do with being emotional. I'd say they are doing a whole lot more right than wrong when it comes to fixing legitimate customers' issues.

Ultimately all those SAB cameras will get fixed or pitched in the trash....The point is that when fuji builds a reputation that makes people think twice with regards to quality control, even in the used market, that means less sales...

Maybe so and time will tell. However, since Fuji is fixing lots of camera even outside the warranty period, I don't agree they are building a bad reputation but with a few cheapskates who insist on buying used grey-market goods. This isn't the customer base Fuji wants anyway.

The SAB issue is limited to a number. Future sales and customers are not. I would place my bets on the latter.

I'm sure they do too, which is why they do all they can to help people who are actually Fuji customers.


ps. I only clipped off some of the quotes by you because of the length of the message

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