Never so disappointed

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Re: Never so disappointed

RP McMurphy wrote:

Good to hear

Keep asking the questions and keep practicing

Dont ignor anything you think is too much like hard work - many ignore raw for this reason and I dont know why because it's very easy

Dont get caught up in 'how much you can zoom into your photograph', a picture should pass the muster as a picture viewed in its entirety, with the D800 you may get great results in the sunshine to do this but when the light dims you you want to use a telephoto then high iso will not be great when zoomed into so be prepared to sacrifice some MP to get better iso

I saw your car photos - glad to see that you're getting in closer and filling the frame. If I may be so bold as to pretend I'm capable of teaching anyone anything, change your viewpoint. Your car pictures looked like you shot them standing up. for cars get low and close (and use that wide angle to 'extend' the bonnet), the other pictures I saw are standard viewpoints, if you take them at the same angle that everybody looks at then it will have to be a very special shot to get people to notice it

Hey this is all good stuff! With help of people here I have learned a lot in a few days. I did some candids of people at the show and I am still blown away at the sharpness even at 300mm

Keep up the good work people!

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