Without better lenses, the Pentax Q is a wasted effort

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Re: RX100 and upcoming "LX7/ZX-2"- how can the Q mount survive?

Think the Q needs a system of lenses and accessories to prosper further. Make a fast wide and tele for the bright lens brigade. Make some slower lenses for the people who want ultimate compactness. How about a pancake lens for the Q or even a pancake zoom? I also thought of the tilt & shift lens since so few people can afford a proper wideangle one for their dslr. Is a zoom tilt & shift possible? Combine 24-80 in one lens. How about a macro lens that goes from life size to 5x? It would fit into places a dslr couldn't dream of. A super tele should be possible also. Make a killer 200 that has af. It would be large on the Q but small compared to a high quality 1000mm on a dslr. Enough of the 180 degree fisheyes. I want a 220 like the famous Nikon "basketball".

Would also love to see a telecompressor. It works opposite a teleconverter. It gives less magnification but correspondingly brighter lens. My telescope goes from f10 to f6.3 with its telecompressor.

There are other ways to set the Q apart. Weatherproofng for one. How about a sensor kit that allows color, b&w, and infrared ( even full spectrum) sensors to be interchanged as easily as you change a lens? No compact could do that since you have no access to the sensor. How expensive could these little sensors be?

A way to link two Q together for s stereo/3D stills/video would be a blast and even easily hand holdable. For extra fun make it all tetherable for pole shooting etc. Some of my scuba diving friends are ditching m4/3 and going to the smaller GoPro. Make an underwater housing for the Q. How about a special Q video body that would take standard Q lenses but with no video time limit?

One thing I like about the Q is the quality of the 01 prime wide open. How much faster can a lens be made and be very high quality wide open? Is any f1 lens really good wide open?

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