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Re: A quick try

Another, very simple trick might be to simply place less of the sky in the photo, when you take the shot. It looks to me as if your shot was more for the trees and the reflections in the water. In that case, reducing the amount of sky in the picture might allow a more even exposure that works out OK for a little patch of sky and the rest of the scene.

You might do that by simply angling the camera downward, or perhaps get on one knee while you take the picture to lower the entire view. You might need to find a slightly different location when you compose. You would just need to experiment.

If you really want the sky as a main element, you would need a tripod and several photos to merge different exposures IMHO. Lightroom 4 is great but to my eye shadow pulling begins to look unnatural if pushed too far and highlights of course need data there to begin with.

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