Take a guess. 5D3 vs D800 colors and skin tone.

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Re: Take a guess. 5D3 vs D800 colors and skin tone.

Ok, I am sure that I am missing something here, but isn't all of this simply a function of white balance and other post production issues? I would think that issues like dynamic range and so on could have some to do with differences between the two after the same post production is applied to each image.

Was this shot in raw and then dialed to the same white balance so we can go to see which one produced different colors? Was the lens taken into consideration as well? I am fairly certain that the lens can play a large part in color cast as well.

This seems like it could be a really interesting conversation, but it is missing a whole lot of information at the moment.

When I shoot pictures in the same environment with my D300 and the 5DmkII I tend to get almost identical color in the shots when post is finished.
Wow...that's a pretty killer camera! Are you any good?


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