A digital CL?

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Re: A digital CL?

widick wrote:

Will Leica ever reprise the CL in digital format?i A micro four thirds cl ?

The only people who can respond with anything but speculation on this are the people at Leica, and they won't yet.

A CL sized RANGEFINDER camera (not a trumped up and prettyized point and shoot with an CDAF system, interchangeable lenses, and an optical finder) would be wonderful but might prove too expensive to offer if the audience demands a full frame sensor, etc. A TTL electronic camera, format unknown and lens system unknown, at a lower price point is in the offing already, according to what Leica suggested last Fall, due to be announced at Photokina this coming Fall.

The only way to know for sure is to be patient and wait for what Leica announces this Fall.

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