Buyer Beware, Panasonic Warranty Worthless

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Re: Buyer Beware, Panasonic Warranty Worthless

I sympathize.

But, I'll also say that, having shopped all makes of underwater digicams, and read a huge number of user reviews on Amazon, the non-warranty for waterproofiness is pretty much universal.

Consequently, my take on waterproof compacts is that they must be considered disposable for water damage. You might get lucky, and you might not. Combine that with the price premium and poorer quality photso, and I've opted to use a non-waterproof compact when I'm out kayaking. I mean, if I'm using a "disposable" camera anyway, and I'm generally not giving them the splash treatment... why not?

No, I've never dunked it, nor treated it as one may treat a waterproof camera. But, my $205 TZ5 still lives after 3+ years. It's temporarily stopped working a few times, when I handled it with wet hands. But, I've used it a lot, and made a lot of nice photos. I just upgraded to a ZS15, and hope to get similar service out of it.

The whole "waterproof" camera scene is discouraging. I did buy an Oly Tough 6020, when cut rate to $125 -- figured I couldn't go wrong. It is a really bad, slow, poor handling, poor imaging, sucky, sucky camera!

So, I keep my eye on the market, keep reading reviews... thinking someday, someone will get it right. But, I'm not holding my breath.

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