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Marc Sabatella wrote:


In my experience, when newcomers to DSLR photography make initial posts about not being happy with the IQ from their new cameras, and then post images they are not happy with, I generally see some combination of the following:

  • not controlling where the camera is trying to focus

  • trying to focus closer than the minimum focus distance

  • turning the focus ring to infinity to shoot landscapes rather than actually focusing

  • not choosing a small enough aperture to give enough DOF to get the amount of the scene in focus one wants

  • choosing too small an aperture in an attempt to maximize DOF and thus creating diffraction as well as slowing down shutter speed or requiring an increase in ISO

  • using too slow a shutter speed for the focal length (which often comes from not choosing a large aperture and/or high enough ISO)

  • using a higher ISO than is required by the situation

  • not waiting for SR to activate

  • using JPEG settings (eg, "natural" mode) that do only minimal enhancement of an image, and then expecting results to be similar to the over-processed look of a typical P&S camera

  • using a "UV" (which I think stands for "unnecessary and very-bad") filter

  • not using a hood

Marc Sabatella

Thank you Marc. This is such a good comprehensive list it is a shame it's buried in a thread like this. I passed this on to my granddaughter, who has done some remarkable work with a P&S, and has just now started using a DSLR (my old K10d), so you certainly helped get her off to a good start. This is quite a checklist. One needs to be focused on what he is doing before pressing the shutter.

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