Some recent square crop photos (from the obsolete D700 :-)

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Re: I'm floored

ianbramham wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

Those are stunning! Some of the finest I've seen posted on DPReview. Being a big fan of Michael Kenna's work, I can see a lot of similarities between his B&W images and yours, starting of course with the square cropping.

Thanks for sharing!


I'm a huge fan of Michael Kenna too. There are a number of other famous photographers whose work I really admire such as Ansel Adams, Steichen, Avedon, Brandt, Kertész, Moholy-Nagy, Rodchenko, Cartier Bresson etc but Michael Kenna is my favourite.

Can't go wrong with that list (although you might want to throw in Weston for good measure)! Interesting (and a bit sad) that Kenna is the only one left standing.

The issue of course when you admire the work of another photographer that much is acknowledging their influence in your own photography and learning from their inspiration without copying.

You hit the nail on the head with that comment. I sometimes despair that everything I see in photography these days is derivative. And if it isn't derivative, it's probably not worth looking at anyway.

I took a quick look at your website. Lots of good stuff there. I'd suggest that as long as you stay away from the square format and resist the urge to shoot cooling towers and stuff sticking out of still water, you can avoid being tagged as a Kenna wannabe

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