D3 LCD Display Fogging?

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Re: D3 LCD Display Fogging?

Good news for D4 owners in the below review from Nikon Glass, but can this resin be used to fix the older cameras?


On the back we get a totally new screen with plenty of improvements. Its slightly bigger at 3.2inches and seems wider than taller when compared to the screen on the D3s. Like the screen it replaces, its scratch-resistant with the same 640x480 VGA resolution and the same wide 170-degree viewing angle both horizontally and vertically and of course 100% frame coverage. But the real nice touches from Nikon are that it now supports a wider color range, nearing that of the sRGB color space, there is the ability to enlarge shots up to 46x and the glass now is fog proof. That last one will surely please a lot of wildlife photographers. There have been cases where the rear LCD screen would catch water vapor and fog up. Now Nikon have remedied the problem and helped to make a better weather resistant camera by filling the gap between the glass screen and the actual LCD with a special resin."

Lars Halström
Seattle, WA

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