Down-ressing Images Issues?

Started Jun 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Down-ressing Images Issues?

RLewis wrote:

I'm a professional photographer specializing in executive / corporate headshot & some editorial / commercial photography. You will see what I shoot from looking at my sites.

I am considering purchasing a D800 (36MP) or a used D3x (24MP) or waiting for this rumored new D600 (25MP) camera. I have seen many images now of both the D800 and D3x and am blown away by their quality. I currently shoot with a D3 & D3s.

My question relates to down sizing a 36MP of 24MP file to around 12MP or less, which is usually all I need. Will down sizing a 36MP file to, lets say 12MP, seriously degrade the otherwise stellar quality of the file?

the mega pix has meaning on the capture as welll as end result filesize. 36 mp will give more clarity that 12mp. shoot medium image size if you are concerend about fillesize. I shoot the medium image size with my d3x most of the time...

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