Poor Results with Sony a57 Auto Intelligence Plus

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Re: Poor Results with Sony a57 Auto Intelligence Plus

nandadevieast wrote:

I have been shooting with A57 for 3 weeks or so. I am an experienced photographer. I am shooting JPEGs (fine) because i can't open RAW as of now.

I don't use Auto modes, but because i've been checking out the camera, i've shot with this mode quite a bit.

I've shot in Himalayas, and recently in Istanbul. Istanbul shots were mostly low light shots and YES, there's quite a bit of noise there, even at ISO 800, well, even at ISOs below 800. The detail has been hammered down fuzzy by noise reduction. ISO 1600 looks (at 100%) slightly water-colorish. I am amazed. Is it because of JPEGs?
What am i gonna do?
I will wait for RAWs, when my software can open them.

And i will keep this camera, because it can't be much worse than any of the similar (16mp) cameras out there. May be only slightly worse. But handling wise, this is sure better than similarly priced cameras, definitely in the middle range league.

since dxo marks puts the noise on those SLT's at above the 800 iso marker i suspect what u seeing is more a poor choice of jpeg engine...which frankly Sony is not known for its superb quality ....Nex5N set appart from that for some reason .

there are free programs that can open Raw's or atleast view them out there .

as for me ...using the A580 under low low light u will see noise on 1600 iso at 100% crops..not much but yea noise...simply shoot Raw and use NR software for that as the jpeg engine like i said still not perfect...as for colors here and there ..well its a matter of taste...u said ur experience so test out on P mode what exposure and color settings u like best..in that regard at least the Sony cams give u a lot of free choice ...

i suggest getting a book about the camera ...would help u figure out stuff u thought u know or stuff u didnt know bout it .

as for our OP....these are not FF cameras..u cant put 3200iso shots inside dimmed house and expect miracles...there are test sites that clearly show u when noise becomes visible ...so asside from all the wonderful advice people told u over here i would try and keep on P mode the iso down to 800 at most if u ever want to crop and less then 3200 if u do not want to crop....shutter speed should be at 1/100-1/150 at least ...if its too dim for those settings then get a faster lens...kit lens is more designed for at least medium lit areas .

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