Is K5 better than Nikon D7000?

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Re: Is K5 better than Nikon D7000?

While I have NO actual experience with the D7000, it was one of two primary contenders against the K-5 when I was deciding between Pentax, Canon and Nikon last year (I can't even recall which Canon model I was considering -- then again, until recently, I'd "substituted the D5100 in my mind for the D7000 -- am I the ONLY ONE who thinks Canon and Nikon have TOO MANY different models???).

At any rate, I can't speak to the focus issues, but I'll trust Sanjeev on that, and I will say that sometimes I have to "work" a bit to get my K-5 to focus where I want it to, although I almost never resort to manual focus -- I just work with Center focus sometimes until I get my focus lock where I want it.

The one feature the D7000 had I WISHED the K-5 had was the dual card slots. I think that's really nice! It might be even nicer if you had the choice between SD and CF, but you almost HAVE to go FF to get that sort of choice. Only AFTER I had my K-5 and spent WAY TOO MUCH on a SanDisk ULTRA (45MBPS) 16 GB card did I discover the K-5's buffer wasn't capable of feeding a card that fast (I actually emailed Pentax tech support to check, and they didn't seem to think there'd be any firmware updates to get it there). It turned out the ultra speed was designed specifically for Nikon cameras, which are the only ones "certified" to feed cards at such speeds. I don't know if the D7000 is one of them, or not, but if it is, that might be one other issue, although I still haven't seen much of a real-world delay with my cards (my next card was a 30MBPS 32GB SanDisk, which is now my primary card, with the 16GB as the backup).

I know on the one occasion I was shooting JPEGS at 7FPS in strings about as long as the buffer would allow, every time I'd stop for the buffer to empty, it seemed like it took only 3 or 4 seconds, if that.

I have no complaints.
May the Blessings Be.

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