Going dual platform - Anyone else?

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Re: Going dual platform - Anyone else?

gigamel wrote:
The 1Dx DR is the same low as the 5D2-5D3


Very far from "top notch"

Here you can see the difference between the 2008, D700 and the 2012, 5D3
The 5D3 looks like crap at +4



And that despite the read noise, DR and SNR being about equal for the two cameras

KAllen wrote:

I was out the other evening with three other pro shooters. Two of them were 5DII shooters and they had both had a 800 for a day on loan.

Neither are going to be dual platform in the near future, the Canon gear is going and Nikon just sold two more 800's and bunch of lenses.
I'm still hanging on to Canon they have a couple of lenses Nikon can't match.
But if the X is not top notch I will reconsider.


I'll wait for some real tests of the X, I can't see how we can call it a dud before it's on the streets and we have even seen any quantity of raws yet.


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