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You purchased a used grey market camera because you were able to get it for a substantially lower price than a new one or even a local used one with a receipt. With that lower price comes a certain amount of risk.

I assume that, by "grey market" you mean that this camera is not a genuine Fuji but is produced by grey-haired old people in some sweatshop in china. It's not a genuine Fuji camera, no?

Did I assume wrongly, and this camera is actually manufactured by Fuji in their normal process to the same high, exacting standards (gulp!) as all their other output?

Then, in that case, since the way in which the camera is sold, or even the market where it is sold, surely does not affect its potential longevity?

If it's a Fuji and it's faulty, it should get fixed for free - fair dinkum, fellow foto enthusiast.

You need to get your trumpet serviced - it seems to be blowing a few wrong notes at the moment.

Gray market is a product that was moved from it's intended region of sale to another. This happens because companies sell items at different prices based on household incomes, exchange rates, cost of doing business/marketing in that country. In some cases the price differences are quite large. So someone buys the items in the country where the items are cheaper then ships and resells them in another at a higher price but below retail. While this is completely legal, it is unauthorized and not regulated by the manufacturer. With Fuji being completely out of the loop in terms of distribution channels, there's no guarantee that gray market goods aren't repackaged returns, refurbs, used or even that they were shipped properly. They could have spent a month waiting to get through customs on a pallet in Miami sitting outside on a dock where air is salty, the temp is 100 degrees and the humidity is 95%.

Getting a camera from the factory to the hands of the consumer is all part of Fuji's business model and part of what makes up what a genuine Fuji camera is. That's the whole purpose of Fuji having authorized dealers. So while gray market X100's aren't knock-offs made "by grey-haired old people in some sweatshop in china", they are not genuine Fuji products and Fuji cannot be expected guarantee the quality of them. The only recourse Fuji has is to not support warranty claims on gray market cameras. Few companies do.

That is a great explanation! Now, if you could get the average 21st century internet consumer to go ahead and let this explanation restore their confidence in the fact that Fuji stands by their product, then you've really got something, and perhaps Fuji should pay you the big bucks for PR and damage control.

Sarcasm aside, that is just not how individuals and groups, especially of the internet age, process information. Sociology 101.

This is a futile conversation. When I read repeatedly all the different scenarios that people come up with rather than just admitting the SAB problem is a factory defect, caused by the factory, I have to just shake my head. Your argument is agenda based. You love Fuji, yes, we all get it. Heck, I love my XP1. You can love a company or a product and still hold people there accountable for their mistakes rather than passing them off onto the end user.

It's not really about loving Fuji. Gray market camera sales negatively impact Fuji's bottom line and that in turn negatively impacts us as consumers in the form of higher prices, less R&D and longer waits between models. Supporting Gray market cameras in any way is contradictory to Fuji's business model as it is with most companies. While I sympathize with the end user, I have to also keep in mind that both them and Fuji got screwed by some shady seller on Ebay who's selling "factory fresh X100's, with warranty cards". If Fuji repairs the camera they are getting screwed a second time and also screwing themselves in the long run by making people feel comfortable with buying gray market cameras. If I have a personal agenda if any, it's that I want an X200 and in the future and Xpro-2 sooner than later without a huge price hike.

One thing for sure, the OP as well as many others who read through this thread will from now on avoid buying gray market cameras like the plague.

So, in your opinion, with regards to the known SAB issue, you do not think that Fuji should be responsible to repair every camera they manufactured with said defect?

I think Fuji is responsible for repairing every camera with the said defect that is sold through proper Fuji approved channels within a reasonable amount of time even after warranties have expired. So far it seems that Fuji is doing just that. I don't think we should expect any company to support gray market products in any way shape or form.

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