Olympus Lenses & Michael Reichmann

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Olympus Lenses & Michael Reichmann

I am a fan of Michael, the guy from The Luminous-Landscape. He often reviews new photographic gear, writes about photographic, printing, shooting and other techniques etc.

Michael combines humor with his rich experience and that is what stands out in his reviews and articles.

Today, i read Michael's take on the OM-D from Olympus and their lenses. There were some very interesting and noteworthy points he made, which i think some photographers would be interested in...

"Their (Olympus') Super High Grade, and High Grade lenses (see list) were, and still are, as good as the best lenses from Nikon and Canon, and in a number of cases better...."

"...none of these lenses is inexpensive. In fact some are very expensive. But as I said, these are among the best lenses – ever."

"I needed a reference lens to compare the new Lumix against, and the Olympus 12-60mm f/2.8-f/4 SWD Zuiko was chosen because it has had a sterling reputation since it first came out. There isn't to my knowledge a better mid-range fast zoom for either 4/3 or MFT – yet."

"When it comes to lenses the Olympus has a clear edge, being able to call upon not only its own range of MFT lenses, but also Panasonic's. And of course there are all those terrific Olympus high grade Four Thirds lenses as well. "

now, if you notice, Michael seems to own a lot of photographic gear, including expensive digital backs, full frame cameras (such as the new Nikon D800) the Sony cameras, and so on and so forth.

What does it take for someone as experience and as gifted (gifted in the sense that he owns and uses a wide variety of photographic formats) to be so thrilled and, more importantly, convinced by a new camera? i say, a lot!

importantly, he is positive about the image quality of the OM-D, and he mentions that it pairs perfectly with the primes (particularly)... now, image quality is something that matters most, whether its a camera or a lens, and olympus seems to have successfully marry the camera sensor with their top-notch lenses this time.

the trouble with olympus is that they were never really taken seriously by the photographic community (in other words, they somehow failed to make a mark or an impression...)

I hope that more and more people will be able to testify to the quality of images they get from their OM-D sensor as well as their Olympus lenses, because no one but Olympus deserves this sort of praise, attention and recognition... their contribution to photography, particularly digital, has been nothing but examplary. think about sensor cleaning, live view, illuminated buttons (e-620), extensive weather sealing and true-to-life colors.

wishing Olympus all the best

Muhammad Muhsin
(currently a very happy EP-2 user)

Nikon D800
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