A simple solution to the B&H dilemma

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Re: There is no dilema here

Nippondenso wrote:

Jim Keye wrote:

There is only customers who have limited understand of a system (that so far has worked fine) and who demand instant gratification. Can we stop with these goddamn threads already?

The system has not worked fine. This is evident by the number of whiners we have on the forum.

Actually, that is a commentary on the whiners as much as it is the system.

I really enjoy doing business with B&H as they have always treated me fairly.

No we can't stop "these goddamn threads already" as B&H and their customers need to know we are happy with their service.

Yes, we can, because they're useless trash. All they do is indulge people with unreasonable expectations, a complete lack of knowledge, and an unwillingness to learn or understand. And these threads on here aren't going to change that. B&H doesn't need our support. Their thousands and thousands of orders a week tell them all they need to know. Wasting this forum on educating whiny, have-to-have-it-yesterday people in the name of supporting B&H is simply ridiculous. Is B&H paying us to handle their customer service? Are we getting compensated for thread after thread after thread of this stuff? Like your thread? THERE IS NO DILEMMA.

I have ordered 10s of thousands of dollars worth of gear from B&H. And I will continue to use them as my primary gear source. If someone else wants to take their business elsewhere, fine. I don't care. But this forum continues its decline as it becomes more and more about self-indulgence--even from a couple of the "experts"--and less and less about cameras or photography.

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