Lightroom 4 corrupting RAW files / 'Unexpected end-of-file' error'

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Just as mention..

This shows there's definetely a problem of old date:
I thought about copying and pasting from adobe forums:

6. EnriCanon,
Nov 10, 2009 4:02 PM in reply to RenéG

I've have the same problem but in my case I'm sure the original raw (canon 40d) files are not corrupted. It were imported on LT 1 32 bits without problem and the corruption ocurred after upgraded to Lightroom 2.5 64 bits.

In fact, the files are seen in lightroom 2.5 with those weird colored rectangles but using another viewer is completely correct.
I think something is broken on Lightroom 2.5.

11. ihuntwithacanon,
Nov 12, 2009 9:37 AM in reply to RenéG

I have had this problem in the past... My files would import to lightroom and everything would look good, but the next time i opened lightroom some .raw files would be corrupt just as you've posted. This would even happen to older photos taken years earlier. Just random corruption. Turned out to be my hard drive was going out. I had noticed some noise (thrashing) coming from it. I would suggest running a diagnostic on your hard drive, you may have to replace it as I did. Not a single lost file since new drive. 2 years now............I'm glad I had my .raw files backed up to external drive also.

12. russa1728,
Nov 17, 2009 11:48 AM in reply to RenéG

I have had the same problem after upgrading to 2.4 and also 2.5. Using 40D, different brands of memory cards talked to Adobe at length and still no idea. The files continue to degrade while using Lightroom. I can throw out all of the bad images and then other images will do the same thing. It all seems to be random. I can have what appears to be all good images and try to export them for the web and the final result is that there is one or two that are bad and I have to redo the project. Sometimes I will have good thumbnails but when it opens the image will be bad or I can zoom in on an image and it will go bad. I'm also gatting more corrupted catalogs which has been getting worse. I have formatted my hard drive put a clean instal of Windows XP installed Lightroom 1.0 installed 2.0 and downloaded 2.5 reimported my images and they appeared to be good. Started grabing random images and corrupted files started showing up again. I not sure about Photoshop files if they have ever been corrupted in Lightroom I may have had one go bad but not 100% sure. I have also had images that the thumbnail was bad but the image would be ok after it loaded. I had images that were good this morning that are bad now, also I was exporting some bad images as email and they exported ok. When I talked to Adobe last summer they were wondering ifit had somthing to do with sidecar files, once it gets corrupted in Lightroom the file is done and you have to download a new copy of that image and start over If you have a corrupted file in Lightroom it will show up corrupted in Photoshop CS3.

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