Plea for help with Focus Lock/ AEL on Sony SLT's

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Re: Plea for help with Focus Lock/ AEL on Sony SLT's

Hi, I'm back. Don't agree, even if it says that's how it's supposed to be in the manual. If I am allowed to change the FUNCTION of a button, then that should be what that button does, period.

Have you ever tried changing the AEL to "lock focus"? It doesn't do anything in "M" mode then. So technically it IS a bug; it does not do anything (i.e. serve an "AV" purpose) once the button is remapped. Set your camera to M and hit the button, and tell me what it does please? Only after remapped to AF lock please.

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:

sam147 wrote:

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:
Shield3 wrote:

To me it's a bug. If I have reassigned the AEL to AF lock then it should assume that role even in in M mode. I have submitted the bug to Sony actually.

So even if the camera is doing exactly what the manual says it is supposed to, it's a bug simply because you don't like the way it works? I'm sorry you're frustrated, but that makes about as much sense as submitting a problem report because the A57 isn't a full frame camera with an optical viewfinder. It is working in the manner it was designed to, whether you agree with that design or not.

Why do you feel the need to bring up the optical viewfinder out of nowhere?

You missed the entire point I was trying to make in my previous post.

I brought up the optical viewfinder as part of an admittedly sarcastic example, to illustrate the extremes one could go to if they start writing defect reports simply because they don't like the way that the engineers designed a camera. The A57 is clearly documented as being an APS-C sensor camera with an EVF. However, if someone would prefer it to be full frame and have an optical viewfinder, should they just go ahead and write a defect report on what they'd like it to be, regardless of what the specifications say?

The OP has submitted an invalid defect report that Sony is going to have to respond to, because he doesn't like the way Sony has chosen to engineer the A57. The camera is not broken or defective; it's working the way it's supposed to, and that's all that Sony is going to tell him.

I'm not trying to stir things up and in hindsight wish I hadn't been so harsh in my original post. I should have just said that the OP's concern/complaint would have been better handled as a suggestion for a future firmware update, and not through the problem report channels. I understand the OP's frustration; I just don't think opening a formal problem report is the way to go to have them addressed.


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