Weird light bleeds, Nex 7 + Zeiss 24mm

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RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
there are lots of straight things in a camera body

When you see straight line ghosts, one's first guess is that they are reflections off of a straight object. There are lots of straight-edged components surrounding a Nex camera sensor, in and around the inside of the camera body, many of which could lead to a reflection of the kind seen. So wouldn't necessarily think the parallel white lines are emanting from either the roundish lens or "within the sensor".

Can agree with another poster that the great thing to do would be to see if you can get the same effect with two different lenses. Or at least 2 different lens hoods and/or apertures on the same lens.

If it was my job, would work on getting foreground light of some kind into play, or waiting for dimmer (perhaps shielding/screening the) backlight. I.e. doing something so that the backlight is not so terribly much brighter than the foreground.

Would also consider using a lens with more known resistance to flare, such as the Sony 16mm. Not that such a lens would necessarily get rid of camera body reflections, but it would at least increase the foreground contrast.

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