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No, I just have the strap ends inserted through the friction clips. I took a peak at the instruction manual and that does look a lot more secure. That said, even as light as the camera is, I don't really like the strap much ignoring (now that I know how to attach it properly) the secureness of it.

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I do have a serious complaint about the included camera strap. I don't have an issue with the lugs digging in to my fingers like some do, but the camera strap is a joke and likes to come "unstrapped". It hasn't yet, but I also have to retighten the straps about every 30 minutes to keep it from happening (my black cloth repalcement strap is somewhere between here and China right now).

Hmm interesting. I use the provided Olympus strap and find it quite decent. Are you tying up the strap like it is shown in the instruction manual? I did and the strap is very secured, no give at all.

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